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49 Pinoys remain stranded ib Afghanistan

August 22, 2021 Cristina Lee-Pisco 404 views

AN estimated 49 Filipinos remains stranded in Afghanistan, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has said.

Of the figure, 42 have requested for repatriation and 158 have already been evacuated to other countries.

According to the Situation Bulletin released by the DFA, the Philippine Embassy in Islamabad was able to arrange the evacuation of 30 Filipinos who are now in Pakistan.

Another 10 Filipinos were able to depart Kabul for different destinations—eight for Dubai, one for Doha and one for Paris.

It said more Filipinos are reported to have been evacuated to the United Kingdom. Their status is now being verified by the Philippine Embassy in London.

There were also five Filipinos who were assisted by Indonesia and are now in Jakarta. The Philippine Embassy is now arranging their onward flight to Manila, the DFA said.

The DFA assured it continues to work on the immediate extraction of the remaining Filipinos in Afghanistan.

It added all evacuated Filipinos who request to return to the Philippines will be assisted.