3-strike tollway policy deferred

May 16, 2021 Jun I. Legaspi 1006 views

THE three strike policy penalizing users with insufficient balance in the RFID card has been deferred.

In an interview, Julius Corpus, Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) spokesperson, however, said the information campaign on the policy which was scheduled for implementation on May 18, 2021 would continue.

Corpus said that erring motorists would not be apprehended.

He added that toll operators have been encouraged to warn or remind motorists to have sufficient load on their RFID cards before entering the RFID lanes.

“May we advise motorists to please use the cash lane if they have no load or insufficient load RFID card to avoid apprehension in the coming days,” said Corpus.

However, Corpus said motorists without RFID tags who use the “RFID Only Lanes” may be apprehended even for the first violation.

“Disregarding traffic signs yang violation na yan at may P1,000 penalty po ang Land Transportation Office,” said Corpus.

Corpus advised motorists to use the cash lanes to avoid outright apprehension and have RFID tags installed soon if they want to use the RFID lanes.

In separate interview, commuter and transport advocate lawyer Ariel Inton, founder of Lawyers for Commuters Safety and Protection (LCSP) strongly rejected the implementation of the three-strike policy, citing several reasons.

“First salamat at na deferred, pangalawa, hindi pa nila natutupad yung pangako nila na interoperability. Kailangan pa ang dalawang RFID tags, tapos yung issue pa ng loading at reloading na nababawas at nawawala kahit hindi ginagamit ang card,” said Inton.