200 Bicol R-PSB cadres sent-off to Masbate mission

September 14, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 389 views

A TOTAL of 200 personnel of the Police Regional Office 5 in Bicol region who have finished a Revitalized-Pulis sa Barangay (R-PSB) training in Masbate City on Tuesday were officially sent-off to their mission to immerse with poor communities in the province and help them “silently win the war” against communist insurgency, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

Philippine National Police Director for Police-Community Relations Maj. Gen. Edgar Alan O. Okubo led the closing ceremonies of the 15-day R-PSB training inside Camp Colonel Bonny Serrano in Masbate City.

He also led the send-off program for the R-PSB personnel from the PRO5 headed by Brig. Gen. Westrimundo D. Obinque tasked to support the Armed Forces of the Philippines in defeating the New People’s Army in Masbate by mingling with the “poorest of the poor” to know their grievances and help provide them with means that will alleviate their poor condition such as the construction of small farm-to-market roads, schools and potable water and lighting systems, with the help of different government agencies.

The official said that the R-PSB mission in Masbate is in line with the 5-Focused Agenda of Philippine National Police chief Gen. Benjamin C. Acorda, specifically on community engagement.

According to Okubo, the 200 Bicol policemen who were trained by an R-PSB team will be immersed for six months in barangays in the province already cleared of insurgency as a result of the AFP’s Community Support Program.

The CSP is a program of the AFP’s Development Support and Security Plan known as “Kapayapaan,” which is a multi-stakeholder and community-based peace and development effort, aimed at establishing and protecting a conflict-affected community in the country.

The official said the R-PSB personnel from PRO5 will also help support the gains of Municipal Local Government Operations Office in making affected communities, majority of them situated in Geographically -Isolated and Disadvantageous Areas, be fully aware of the services being provided to them by the government.

“The R-PSB teams in Masbate will be on a mission to prevent the resurgence of insurgency in all cleared barangays and insulated the unaffected communities,” Okubo said.

In his message to officers and men of the Masbate Police Provincial Office headed by Col. Rolly Albaña, the official emphasized to the R-PSB cadres that their six-month immersion in the GIDAS barangays will challenge them to fight and win the silent war against insurgency.