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20 Small But Effective Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Offer Terrifying Tales In No Time At All

December 15, 2022 People's Tonight 1143 views

Erin Maxwell

Enjoy a good scary story but don’t have the time? These bite-sized stories are perfect for speedy scares. Featuring everything from things that go bump in the night to unique ghost stories, these two-sentence horror stories are perfect for any horror aficionado who loves the genre, but just lacks the time of day.

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Old Friends

From Redditor u/KangarooDense:

A police officer came to my house one day, showed me photos of missing children, and asked if I recognized them.

Later when he took my dad away, I understood why they looked exactly like my “imaginary” friends.

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Former Owners

From Redditor u/Darkmoonpriestess39:

I hate seeing the hanging girl in my closet.

I wish that my parents hadn’t given me my sister’s old room.

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From Redditor u/onyx1378:

I confessed to my wife about what really happened to those missing school girls.

After I told her, she said, “Who do you think was making sure their bodies weren’t found?”

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Family Reunion

From Redditor u/RScommitted:

I hadn’t seen my parents in at least seven years, so I figured it was time for a reunion.

I clutched tightly to the picture of their obituary and pulled the trigger.

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Long-Term Plans

From Redditor u/davaokid:

He cried when he saw the acceptance letter from Stanford, as he wished his parents could be there to see it.

But he had to do it to come up with that orphaned teenager story for the college application.

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Child’s Play

From Redditor u/WideEyedWand3rer:

“Mommy, mommy, a vampire tried to ambush us on the playground today, but we tied it up and let it scream for hours in the sunlight!”

Mrs. Baker listened in shock [as] she clutched the school letter on the needs of the new student with albinism.

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From Redditor u/mrzmr_:

It had fangs, scales, and its arms were crookedly disfigured, like undeveloped wings.

As my wife lay dying on the birthing bed, she uttered, “I swear it’s yours.”

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Walk This Way

From Redditor u/KangarooDense:

I can feel my heart pounding as I follow my daughter’s footprints into the woods.

The further the footprints are from her wheelchair, the longer the digits…

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From Redditor u/Spugnacious:

The black wave appeared in the distance, growing larger with each minute and swallowing up cars, trees, and even houses as it approached.

My voice cracked as I muttered, “That is a LOT of spiders.”

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‘Assist Kills’

From Redditor u/Melonwolfii:

As I was shown the statistics of my life after death, I stared in horror at the 27 “assist kills.”

The horror was far more striking for me, seeing as I was a suicide hotline worker.

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Future Self

From Redditor u/itsonlyfingsnow:

My family has a mirror that shows how you’ll look in one year.

Tomorrow marks a year since I’ve last seen my reflection.

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From Redditor u/lapseofclarity88:

When I was young, a psychic once looked at me and told me that one day I would lose my faith.

Now, as I lay here in the burn center of the hospital on life support, I realize that the psychic had a lisp.

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Stage Mother

From Redditor u/thesmartdoctor2:

“If you wanna be an actress, you have to be able to conjure up a sad memory and cry at will.”

“I’m sorry, mum,” I whisper, as I close my eyes and pull the trigger…

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From Redditor u/Arkady2009:

“My (42F) daughter (13F) took her own life last week after being subjected to online trolling, and today the police arrested ME!

The emails I sent pretending to be her school crush were to try and toughen her up – she’s always been a cry baby, and her suicide was just another attempt at attention…”

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Water Sign

From Redditor u/JayeKimZ:

“Okay Larry, for this underwater scene, Julia will be pretending to drown but will hold up three fingers when she needs air.”

“Okay Julia, if you need air during your underwater scene, just wave your hands, and Larry will hand you the scuba mask.”

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Sins Of The Mother

From Redditor u/WideEyedWand3rer:

Devastated by the atrocities I committed in my life, I vowed that my last act would be to travel back in time, kill my father, and prevent them all from happening…

Apparently, my mother cheated on him…

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From Redditor u/safetysheep:

After being satisfied that I learned as much information as I could on every topic under the sun, I unfroze time after many years.

Guilt ripped into me the moment the first person I encountered sobbed that they were conscious the whole time.

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From Redditor u/HetmanOriginal:

A small team of human scientists was sent to Mars.

A small team of scientists returned to Earth.

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Machine Age

From Redditor u/Urbenmyth:

With advances in AI, the first machine capable of feeling pain was created in 2030.

The first machine capable of expressing pain was created 30 years later.

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Hunger Pains

From Redditor u/Hananelroe:

As my third wish, I asked to never be hungry again.

It’s been two months, and meals feel like torture, but I have to eat to keep myself alive…

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