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2 Young pinays top Asean-Korea academic essay contest

December 11, 2021 People's Journal 302 views

TWO young writers from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) emerged as the grand prize winners of the 2021 ASEAN-Korea Academic Contest participated in by other bright students from the Association of Southeast Asian Nation-member countries and South Korea.

Alyssa Camille P. Dalizon and Sophia Marie C. Mauleon, representing Team Philippines bagged the top prize in the 2021 ASEAN-Korea Academic Contest’s Theme 1 with their winning paper ‘Ready, Set, Action: The Role of Digital Media Tools in Harnessing Youth Power for Greater Cultural Understanding.’

The Philippine representatives’ winning essay also earned them the grand prize of 2,500,000 Korean Won or roughly P108,000.00. Their essay will be considered for publication opportunities in academic journals

The paper focused on strengthening socio-cultural ties among South Korea and the countries of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Among the 10 winners of the English only-online tilt, Ms. Dalizon and Ms. Mauleon are the only winners from The Philippines. The two are currently undergraduate students in the University of Asia and the Pacific pursuing Political Economy.

The ASEAN-Korea Centre is an Intergovernmental Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between the ASEAN-member countries and South Korea. It invited all undergraduates and graduates of ASEAN and Korean universities to participate in the contest with the endorsement of their professors.

Dalizon and Mauleon were endorsed by UA&P professor Clara Patricia Vizconde. Alyssa Camille is the youngest daughter of Journal Group senior reporter/columnist Alfred P. Dalizon.

AKC is an official diplomatic institution recognized and endorsed by both ASEAN and the Korean government. The awarding ceremony and webinar will be held on December 21 (Tuesday), 14:00 KST, through online means where the winning papers will be presented.

Dalizon and Mauleon’s winning piece were followed by the following: Korea’s Jeong Hyunjoo and Singapore’s Chia Ying Shyan Hannah’s A Tale of Two Locales: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and (Mis)understandings between ASEAN and the Republic of Korea; Indonesia’s Annisa Pratamasari’s Building Partnership in Overcoming COVID-19 through City Diplomacy: The Cases of Sister City and Sister Province between Indonesia and Korea;

Vietnam’s Bu Thi Ngoc Thuy and Nguyen Ha Phuong’s Strengthening Mekong-Korea Cooperation: Promoting synergies among Mekong cooperative mechanisms on climate change mitigation and adaptation towards sustainable development; Singapore’s Claire Lim’s Strengthening ASEAN-Korea Cooperation in Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change and Promoting Sustainable Development in the Mekong Region;

Singapore’s Tang Zepeng and Wong Jun Hao’s The Emerging Korean Leadership on Sustainability in Mekong; and Malaysia’s Hirzawati Atikah binti Mohd Tahir and Siti Noor Adillah binti Masrol’s Strengthening ASEAN-Korea Partnership in Overcoming the COVID-19 Challenges: New Southern Policy Beyond the Pandemic;

Korea’s Lee Jognsung and Cho Sobin’s Strengthening ASEAN-Korea cooperation in mitigating the impact of climate chance and promoting sustainable development in the Mekong region and Bruenei’s Li Wee An and Mahmood Muhammad Azim’s The Role of Youth in Promoting Mutual Understanding between ASEAN and Korea towards a sustainable and future-oriented ASEAN-Korean Partnership got special recognition from the jury.