Dick Gordon

2 Pharmally execs now under Senate custody

November 15, 2021 Marlon Purification 240 views

AFTER few weeks of hiding, Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. executives Mohit and Twinkle Dargani are now under the custody of the Senate.

Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee said the siblings were apprehended by Senate security in Davao City on Sunday afternoon as they were trying to flee “via an executive privately chartered flight to Malaysia.”

He added that the Senate sergeant-at-arms team was “acting on a tip we received from a concerned citizen.”

Gordon said Senate President Vicente Sotto III arranged for a private plane to fly the siblings back to Manila later that evening.

The siblings previously said that it was their legal counsel who advised them not to submit the source documents related to the firm’s sales and purchases to senators.

“It is…not surprising that they sought sanctuary in [President Rodrigo Duterte’s] home town of Davao and plotted to execute their grand escape from there,” Gordon said.

“Indeed, they chartered a private plane and were leaving via Davao where they figured they could be safe and make law enforcement officers pause or hesitate to arrest them,” he added.

“Flight, especially on an expensive international chartered jet, is truly a clear sign of guilt. Evasion has always been the strategy of the guilty,” Gordon further stressed.