1st QC 10-Ball Open hopes to discover more pool legends – Mayor Joy Belmonte

June 20, 2021 People's Tonight 1860 views

THE local government of Quezon City is leading the way in the search for the next Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes and billiards hero amid this time of the pandemic.

A total of 64 players are set to compete in the 1st Quezon City 10-Ball Open slated June 21 to 27 at the Hard Times Sports Bar.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said the meet aims to produce the new batch of Filipino cue artists who will represent and give honor to the country in various international meets, the way the likes of Reyes and Co. did in the past.

Belmonte noted the long-standing relationship between billiards and the Filipino people, who have embraced the sport as part of their culture much like basketball.

“So much so that were able to produce some of the sports’ Hall of Famers and legends, from Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes and Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, to Ronnie Alcano and Dennis Orcollo, and so much more reputable names in the industry,” said the lady mayor.

“They have given our country an identity and have represented us throughout numerous championships internationally.”

Strict health and safety protocols would be observed in the duration of the tournament to be streamed live by Sharks at and from 2 p.m. onwards.

The Quezon City mayor believes potential talent can be tapped by the end of the meet, given the amount of players out there just waiting to be discovered and developed.

“Our goal with this auspicious event is to flick our searchlights to uncover raw pool artists, and to place Quezon City on the map as the billiards capital of the Philippines, and hopefully, of the world,” said Belmonte.

“With the amount of pride that the sport and our talents have given our nation, my support for billiards and especially our players, never ceases.”

Belmonte was also grateful for the Billiard Managers and Players Association of the Philippines (BMPAP) for its continuous staging of tournaments in the country even at this most challenging times.

At the same time, she thanked all the participants for taking part and showing their unwavering love for the sport.

“It is with your determination that we are able to team up and create a healthy culture of competition in our community,” said Belmonte.

“Lastly, than you everyone for your steadfast support from all over the world. It is my deepest desire that Quezon City 10-Ball Open will not just bring joy and entertainment, but also dignity and honor to us all.”