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16 Chinese nat’ls who escaped from Oasis Hub, Inc. still at Large

January 16, 2022 Bernard Galang 507 views

THREE Chinese nationals who are among the 91 arrested in a raid at a Pampanga-based BPO service provider for offshore gaming operations (POGO) on Friday were seen roaming around the city on Friday.

CIDG operatives apprehended three Chinese-looking persons on CM Recto Avenue and upon verification, police found out they are among the 91 arrested in an operation on January 11 at the Oasis Hub, a company allegedly engaged in illegal cryptocurrency investment.

The arrested Chinese nationals, who are scheduled to undergo a preliminary investigation on January 18, are temporarily being guarded at the compound of Oasis Hub Inc. since the jail could not accommodate such a large number of detainees.

However, upon accounting of the detainees, 75 out of 91 detainees were physically present.

Police are tracking down 16 of the escapees.