$10-M Japan grant

December 1, 2023 People's Tonight 135 views

ASIAN and European countries find it hard to eradicate emerging diseases due to lack of financial resources.

However, it is heartening to note that the Japanese government is determined to help these countries in addressing the problem.

In fact, the Philippines and four other nations will benefit from a Japanese grant that seeks to boost preparedness against COVID-19 and other emerging diseases.

Aside from the Philippines, the other beneficiaries are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan, according to the Japanese Embassy in Manila.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societes will implement the project, the embassy added.

The US$10-million grant (P554 million) will be coursed through the Asia-Europe Foundation’s “Stockpile Project for Strenghtening Preparedness and Response to COVID-19 and Other Emerging Diseases.”

Note that COVID-19, which reportedly originated from China, terrorized the world, including the Philippines, for more than two years.

The pandemic claimed the lives of millions of people, ravaged the world economy and displaced millions of workers, including migrant workers.

The grant reflects the Japanese government’s dedication to international collaboration and solidarity, notably in addressing critical health issues.

Thus, the Japanese deserve the support of people as they exert their best efforts to protect global health security and resilience.