1 dead, others injured in prison scuffle

June 4, 2021 Hector Lawas 115 views

Violence ensued inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa leaving one inmate dead and injuring several others last Tuesday.

The scuffle transpired during the Bureau of Corrections’ “Oplan Galugad,” spokesperson Gabriel Chaclag said in a message.

“Hindi mo ma-tawag na riot ‘yun. Nag-away na dalawang pdl (persons deprived of liberty) at kumampi yung iba. Isa ang may tama ng saksak at namatay. Meron naman tatlo na ginamot sa ospital at lumabas din dahil minor injuries lang naman. The rest ay puro gasgas at bukol na lang na hindi na kinailangan madala sa ospital,” Chaclag clarified.

During the last ‘Operation Galugad’ Tuesday, assorted bladed weapons, cellular phones and other materials considered as contrabands have been seized by prison officers during a surprise raid in Building 9, Maximum Security Compound at the NBP.

The operation resulted in the confiscation of the following contrabands: three pcs. of pocket wifi, 161 pcs. of Indian arrow, 21 pcs. of sling, 38 pcs. of improvised pointed weapon, 92 pcs. of improvised bladed weapon, one fan knife, 11 pcs. of round steel bar, one pc. of disposable lighter, 1 liter of fermented yeast (sadiki), two decks of cards, three pcs. of USB, one pc. of improvised charger, three pcs. improvised headsets, two pcs. of hammers, one pc. scissors, two pcs. of improvised hacksaw, two units of cellular phones and eight pcs. of rabbit.