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1 dead, 7 hospitalized after eating ‘devil crab’

July 6, 2023 Jane Eleda 365 views

A MAN died while seven others are being treated at the hospital after eating the poisonous devil reef crab in Zamboanga del Norte.

The fatality was identified as Arnel Tabanao, a resident of Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte.

The victims collected several devil reef crabs along the beach, brought them home, and cooked with coconut milk.

However, after eating the crabs, they started to vomit, feel dizzy, and suffered shortness of breath.

The victims were rushed to the hospital, where Tabanao died while being treated.

The seven others are now in a stable condition.

Doctors said devil reef crabs should not be caught and eaten because they are toxic and can kill after a few hours of consumption.